The Garden


Garden takes inspiration from the enchanting beauty of Norway using traditional and new materials like Kebony to protect the environment.

Kebony wood is used as a sustainable alternative to tropical timber for the decking and pavilion structure and wooden details in the living cube. The revolutionary technology is environmentally friendly and uses waste materials from sugarcane production to harden sustainable wood species such as pine and maple. Kebony is beautiful, durable and as stable as most tropical timbers, yet practically maintenance free. It can be used for decking, wooden piers, cladding, boat decks and much more.

The planted areas is defined by natural stone from Lundhs known as Norwegian national stone. The stone is also applied to terraced areas and bring life to the kitchen area with its unique pearly façade.

Numerous prestigious landmark buildings such as Harrods, Bloomingdales in New York and Burj-Al-Arab in Dubai are covered by stone from Lundhs.

Protecting the environment are intrinsic to the design. Clean energy is created from Ecosmart bio ethanol burners. The boundary walls are constructed by eco-friendly Durisol – building blocks durable for the outdoors and made of 80 % recycled wood – linked together like Lego.

The innovative three dimensional glass in the pavilion from Sharda Glass provides unusual lighting effects and allows playful and creative solutions where texture, images and colour can be incorporated into a range of architectural applications.

The garden and pavilion is lighted by Intalite UK/Ifö electric who has an amazing selection of lights that covers a wide range of uses.

The plants

The stunning Norwegian flora illustrates an undulating valley region with deciduous and evergreen trees, provided by Lorberg. The company’s aim is to produce solitary plants that have been transplanted three to six times. Lorberg also specialises in the artistic pruning of topiary plants.

Ladybrook Nursery have provided the smaller plants in a fantastic quality and Rolawn have made sure they live well surrounded by their planting medium and turf.

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